Baykon BCW Check Weighing Scale

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High quality low cost checkweigher scale for SQC and portion control

The BCW is the ideal check-weighing scale - affordable, accurate, reliable and extremely easy to use. This industry leading checkweigher can be used in negative or positive check weighing mode meaning portion control weighing can be done by adding product on the scale or by removing product from a bulk container.

The filling progress is clear and intuitive for the operator with a bright colour changing display, an on-screen progress bar and an optional audible alarm that sounds in the accept range.

Stainless Steel and IP66 wash-down check weighing scale for high hygiene weighing applications. Up to 5 weighing ranges with clear colour changing screen and bar graph.

Up to 5 different weighing ranges can be setup, each with customisable colours to ensure the most accurate fill possible (Very Under, Under, Accept, Over, Very Over). Up to 500 products can be stored along with their target weights and tolerances for quick and easy recall on busy production lines. Products can be entered on the fly using the indicator's keypad or uploaded in batched using free BCW PC software.

The BCW can be OIML approved for trade use and features an IP67 stainless weight display with an alphanumeric keypad for easy ID and tare weight entry.


  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • IP66 rated stainless or aluminium OIML approved loadcell
  • Removable top plate for easy cleaning
  • IP67 stainless display with colour changing screen
  • 5 colour ranges and on-screen filling bar graph
  • Up to 500 stored target weights/tolerances
  • Alphanumeric keypad for ID and tare entry
  • Free PC Software for product setup and loading
  • Optional connectivity - Ethernet, USB and more


  • Capacity Options: 3kg, 6kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg (other on request)
  • Platform height: 80mm to weighing area with 270mm high column
  • Construction: 304 grade stainless steel with removable 304 grade stainless top plate
  • Finish: Buffed stainless steel
  • Loadcells: Aluminium OIML C3 IP66 or Stainless Tedea 1130 OIML C3 (IP66)
  • Feet: Height adjustable stainless steel mounting feet


  • IP67 rated Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Colour changing display at set-points
  • Up to 5 checkweighing ranges
  • Optional audible alarm
  • 500 stored IDs with target weights and tolerances
  • Negative weighing
  • Remote inputs & relay outputs


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