Are Solent Scales Environmentally Friendly?

At Solent Scale Services we understand the importance of making changes to try and protect the planet. We may not be a large manufacturing company but we still believe that small changes can make a big impact, when everyone gets involved. Here are just a few things we are doing as a business to try and be more environmentally friendly:

Vehicle Weighing

Company Vehicles

  • Our company vehicles are leased and renewed every few years, therefore they have lower emissions than an old fleet of vehicles.
  • If more than one engineer is needed on a job we encourage them to "van share", saving on fuel & CO2 emissions.
  • Some staff members also work from home, saving more fuel & CO2 emissions.
Labatory Scales


  • Approximately 98% of our Calibration Certificates are now sent in PDF format (unless customer requests otherwise) therefore saving paper, envelopes & postal CO2 emissions.
  • The paper we do use is "Eco-Efficient".
  • Any paper no longer needed is shredded and used as padding in some of our packaging.
Medical Scales


  • Where possible we recycle old electronics
  • To minimise consumption of large servers we make full use of "The Cloud"






  • We re-use any boxes sent from our suppliers.
  • We re-use any pallets sent from suppliers
  • Our courier pack bags are made from 80% reclaimed material and 100% recyclable




  • Where possible we avoid single-use plastics


Our Manufacturers