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Marsden M-800 Handrail Scale

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The Marsden M-800 handrail scale is a high capacity, class III approved medical weighing scale with sturdy handrails and a large, flat base. Designed for Bariatric & Geriatric patients, this scale makes getting a weigh reading effortless.

If you need high accuracy, high capacity weighing scale to weigh patients who may need support when standing, choose the M-800. The two sturdy handrails provide stability and no matter how much pressure is put on them, they'll support the patient. The platform is extremely low profile to ensure all patients can comfortably step on and off the scale.

The indicator has three displays which show weight, height and BMI. By using the full numeric keypad, a height can be manually entered and the BMI can be quickly and easily calculated.


  • BMI Function
  • Tare
  • Hold
  • Weight display mounted higher than standard scales
  • Full numeric keypad
  • Auto power-off after 3 minutes
  • 4 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Class: III
  • Capacity: 300kg
  • Graduation: 50g <150kg> 100g
  • Battery Life: Up to 3000 weigh ins (or 55 hours continuous use) from full charge
  • Total Weight: 33kg
  • Platform Size: 700 x 600 x 50mm (L x W x H)




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