T-Scale NHB Series

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This portable, precision balance provides accurate and reliable weighing data and is suitable to most balance applications. Designed to suit any budgetary requirement, the portable balance delivers a precise service at a fraction of the cost, without jeopardising its manufacturing or features.

The NHB has a 16.5mm backlit LCD, a draft shield as standard and a mains/rechargeable battery for portability. This balance can undertake percentage weighing as well as parts counting & accumulation in various different weighing units.

Available, EC approved and gravity adjusted for a postcode, the NHB series is excellent value for money and comes highly recommended.


  • Capacities from 200g to 6000g
  • 16.5mm LCD display with LED backlight and loading bar graph
  • Mains adaptor and Rechargeable battery
  • Selectable weighing units
  • Percentage weighing, parts counting, accumulation
  • Draft shield
  • RS-232 as standard
  • Verification fees included with NHB-M versions


  • NHB 600 - 600g x 0.01g - Pan 120mm diameter
  • NHB 6000 - 6000g x 0.1g - Pan 135mm diameter
  • NHB 200 - 200g x 0.001g - Pan 80mm diameter
  • NHB 2000 - 2000g x 0.01g - Pan 120mm diameter
  • NHB 600M - 600g x 0.1g - Pan 120mm diameter (EC Approved)
  • NHB 3000M - 3000g x 0.5g - Pan 140mm x 150mm (EC Approved)
  • NHB 6000M - 6000g x 1g - Pan 140mm x 150mm (EC Approved)


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