Radwag C315.4B Bed Scale


Class III Approved Bed scale with four weighing modules

  • Class III Approved
  • Capacity: 500kg x 200g
  • Comes with standard indicator
  • RS232
  • Previously called WPT/4B

Designed for use when working with patients who are bed bound, the C315.4B (was WPT/4B) bed scale is a precise weighing instrument, verified in Class III, making it suitable for use in healthcare premises. 

There are four weighing modules connected by cables to a weight indicator, which allows the user to place the weighing pads under varying sized beds. This particular weighing instrument is supplied with a jack to aid the lifting of the bed, simplifying the entire process for the user. The accompanying jack has been designed for wheels sized between 100mm & 200mm.

This particular series of scales, comes equipped with measuring indicator series type-31 and with a backlit LCD display for increased visibility. Along with a trolley for ease of transport, it doubles up as a stand for the weight indicator when the scale is in use.

Fitted with a standard mains power supply of 230V AC/11V AC, the C315.4B bed scale has an additional rechargeable battery, NiMH (6 x AA) and comes with an RS232 port to aid data collection.

  • Max Capacity: 500kg
  • Readability: 200g
  • Tare Range: -500kg
  • Working Temperature: 0° - +40°C
  • Output Signal: RS 232
  • Power Supply: 230V / 11V AC or 120V / 11V AC and 6x AA NiMH accumulator
  • Display: LCD (backlit)
  • 4 weighing modules
  • Supplied with a jack
  • Type-31 measuring indicator
  • Back lit LCD display
  • Trolley supplied 
  • Fitted with standard mains power
  • Additional rechargeable battery

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