Calibrationcalibration and repair

With years’ of experience operating within the weighing industry, our highly skilled service team are fully qualified in the calibration, service and repair of all types of industrial weighing equipment.

All calibration and repair work is carried out in accordance with the UK Weighing Federation guidelines. We meet every industry standard, as well as the standards expected by our customers. 

Flexible Service Packages

It’s important to ensure your weighing equipment is checked on a regular basis; if it’s incorrect and in need of servicing, then you risk losing product and PROFIT.

Tailored to meet your exact requirements, we offer five levels of service package:

  • Accuracy Test

  • Calibration & Certification Only
  • Standard package
  • Inclusive package
  • All Inclusive package

Whatever your requirement, whatever your need, Solent Scale Services can work out a flexible plan for you.

Calibration & Certification

When carrying out Calibration work, we use test weights that are tested to M1 & F1 standards, traceable to a UKAS Approved Laboratory.

Our ISO calibration certificates are issued in full accordance with the UK Weighing Federation code of practice and in-line with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

We can also calibrate axle weighing pads and crane scales on a specially designed rig.


Calibration Quotation

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