Valueweigh VWAP Axle Pads

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The Valueweigh VWAP axle weigh pad provides quick and easy axle weighing, thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, which makes these axle pads highly portable.

Available in a range of capacities and sizes for weighing anything from race cars & light vehicles; all the way up to heavy industrial plant/farming machinery and articulated lorries, this product has rapidly become our bestseller.

The VWAP with its unique low-profile design - only 18mm high is THE market leader in design and manufacture and comes highly recommended. These axle pads can be supplied with a variety of weight indicators although our systems are generally supplied with the DFWKRP or 3590ETKR as standard.

Custom Built Solutions

We are able to offer custom sizes and capacities for the VWAP range of weigh pads. We also have VWAP20t axle pad systems available to hire. 


We can also calibrate axle pads on a specially designed rig, please click the calibration button below for a quotation.


  • Removable cable as standard
  • Convenient carry handles / suitable for storage
  • Portability - Only 18mm
  • High quality manufacturing
  • High strength aluminium alloy
  • Robustness and reliable
  • Weighing accuracy
  • Multiple button loadcells


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Calibration Quotation

Calibration Quotation

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