WA-2 Professional Remote Display

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The WA-2 professional remote display is perfect for when your weighbridge indicator is kept in an office and you need to be able to see the weight outside. The weight repeater allows the display of the weight far away from the indicator via a digital link. It can be connected to the T-Scale U8 weighbridge indicator & most other weighbridge indicators on the market.

The WA-2 remote display's solid housing made of polycarbonate and steel, along with a high degree of protection ensure reliable operation during harsh industrial conditions. The display has a function on blanking unnecessary zeros, and they handle special messages: overload, weight measurement error etc.. It can also display advertising text.


  • 120mm digit height 
  • 7 digit display (inc. kg)
  • IP67 rating
  • Case dimensions: 800mm x 190mm x 85mm (WxHxD)
  • Black Powder coated steel casing
  • 1 Way RS232, optional ethernet


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