The UniweigherTM Modular Weighbridge

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Whilst modular weighbridges have been available since electronic weighing was first introduced, they have found new favour in recent years due to the increase in steel costs and reductions in the price of load cells.

A traditional modular weighbridge comprises of a first module, incorporating four load cells and an additional add-on module for incorporating an extra two load cells per module.

These add-on modules cannot be separated to be used as an independent weighbridge and this is why the UniweigherTM is so unique.

This exclusive, patent-pending modular weighbridge comes in 8m section that can be fitted together or used independently of each other. This gives the flexibility to create one or more individual weighbridges depending on your needs. Multi-module weighbridges can easily be separated and returned to independent weighbridge use.

These British built modular weighbridges are built to last and include a standard five-year manufacturer's warranty that covers structure and parts. We also have a fast-response service aiming to attend a call out within 8 working hours should you need us. Service & calibration contracts are also available to ensure regular maintenance is undertaken.

The UniweigherTM is now available for hire and also comes in an export version for easy worldwide shipping.


  • Cutting edge design
  • 8m section - can be fitted together
  • Used independently
  • Flexibility of use
  • Reliable and robust
  • 5 yr manufacturer warranty
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