Industrial Scales Explained (Infographic)

Industrial Scales Explained: Infographic

This infographic we have produced contains some of the different kinds of Industrial Scales we produced and are commonly used including Bench, Counting, Pallet, Weigh Beams, U Frame, Crane, Load Monitoring, Floor and Platform Scales all in one quick place.

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Test Weights - Load Testing Done Right

Businesses that rely on weighing scales for output will attest to how important regular calibration can be.

When selling a product or performing a service based on weight, accuracy is vital. 

Inaccurate readings can result in a customer paying more or a company themselves haemorrhaging money.

Solent Scales guard against both eventualities by offering several repair and service packages. Recognising when your equipment requires servicing is made that bit easier by test weights.

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Does Your Business Need Platform Scales?

Swift Lift Platform Scales - Solent Scales

A platform scale can be very useful for your business if you weigh and count goods on a regular basis.

They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Manufacturing companies utilise them to weigh weighty goods.
  • Animal care organisations adopt them to comfortably weigh large pets.
  • Healthcare businesses use them to weigh wheelchair users
  • Food processing firms rely on them to weigh bulk commodities

and even airports use platform scales to weigh luggage.

If your business is not on the list above, do not worry, you may still have a need for platform scales in your own work environment. Let's talk about their many advantages.

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Scale Repair Service - All You Need To Know

It’s no exaggeration to say the output and by extension success of a business can hinge on the maintenance of its weighing scales.

If yours fail, or aren't as accurate as they should be, this could prove catastrophic to your business and customers’ needs.

Having a repair service partner you can rely on removes that threat. It means less downtime and allows you to remain both profitable and productive!

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Marsden M-300 Review

A favourite amongst health visitors and midwives, the Marsden M-300 is a lightweight and portable baby scale that boasts an impressive battery life and accuracy. In this article, we look at the specifications and features of this popular and affordable model from the reputable British brand, Marsden.

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