Can You Automate a Weighbridge?

A weighbridge is a big undertaking for any business. They require substantial investment in almost all areas; time, space and money. In previous blogs we’ve covered how much space you need for a weighbridge, and we’ve covered how much you can expect it to cost your business.

However, what you might not be aware of is how much time and resources a weighbridge requires to operate. 

A weighbridge is required to be attended all the time that the bridge is operational. This is so that the attendant can weigh, compare, log data and pass it onto the relevant parts of the business. This is at least 1 extra full time employee. Next is maintenance and upkeep, which needs to be done regularly to ensure the longevity of your weighbridge investment. You can read about this in our “how to maintain a weighbridge” guide.

So a weighbridge is a serious commitment for a business, but it doesn’t have to be such a burden. Did you know you can automate some of the processes to save your business time and money?

Vigile Driver Operated Terminal 5 - Solent Scales

Automating a Weighbridge system

The primary method of automating a weighbridge is to switch to an un-manned system. An unmanned weighbridge – also known as driver-operated weighbridges – is a weighbridge where the input, identification, and data are handled by the vehicle driver rather than a dedicated weighbridge operator.

A driver-operated weighbridge puts the terminal in a position accessible by the driver, through their cab window. This allows them to input all of the relevant information without leaving their cab and speeds up processing time. An RF identification tag system can also be implemented to automatically identify the driver, establish their details and introduce added security benefits.

The terminal then automatically relays the information to relevant parts of the business.

A primary requirement of weighbridge operation is that the weighbridge is zeroed before weighing and that the vehicle is correctly positioned on the weighbridge. Naturally, this is something that a driver may not be able to do alone without training.

Automated systems guide the driver automatically with sensors and barriers to stop the driver from proceeding too soon. The bridge automatically tares (zero) the weight reading, and allows the driver onto the weighbridge. The software can then be integrated with existing software to provide information to stock management, CRMs or other business software.

This is what’s known as our Driver Operated System. You can learn more about it here.

Who can automate a weighbridge?

Any company which uses a manned weighbridge can switch to a driver operated system, with relative ease. It’s particularly well suited for businesses where employees enter and exit the business regularly and their loads require monitoring, such as logistics companies or fulfilment operations. Drivers can be trained to use the weighbridge system quickly, eliminating the need for attendants and opening up the possibilities of 24 hours operation. 

However, the system can be adapted for almost every use and is an efficient way to improve productivity and throughput. This includes businesses open to the public, such as landscaping or aggregate centres.


If you’re interested in increasing your business’s throughput and reducing operating costs, take a look at our Driver Operated Systems which can easily be integrated with a weighbridge. Alternatively, give us a call.


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