How Fast Can A Weighbridge Be Installed?


Have you ever wondered how long it takes to install a weighbridge?

For Solent Scales, our standard supply time-line is four-six weeks, but recently we were commissioned with the installation of a brand-new weighbridge, which took just two weeks to complete, from start to finish. 


A Faulty Weighbridge 

A waste recycling site in Portsmouth had a weighbridge which malfunctioned. The site’s existing weighbridge underwent diagnosis and repair, but it was established to be beyond repair-completion after it failed re-qualification testing. The decision to replace the weighbridge was not one which was taken lightly, however a fully functioning and compliant weighbridge is integral to the business’s daily operations, so it had to be replaced without question, and fast.


Installing A New Weighbridge

In order to avoid extensive downtime to the business, a new weighbridge had to be installed as a matter of priority. So, with the co-operation of three companies, of which Solent Scales was one, the old weighbridge was able to be completely removed, and taken away for scrap. This left the space for a new weighbridge to be installed.

Firstly, new foundations had to be prepared incorporating some of the existing foundation. This part of the job is important as a strong, level foundation is crucial for the weighbridge to function properly. However, the relevant teams pulled together to get this part of the job completed without any delays, and to the high standard that was required.

The new weighbridge was delivered and installed with expertise, professionalism and precision. After testing, calibration and verification was carried out, the new weighbridge was ready for use and the business was operational once again.

A two-week turnaround, from start to finish, for a job of this magnitude is quite exceptional. But, this case-study highlights that when a goal is in sight, and with great team work, a task which may seem impossible can be achieved, and achieved to a very high standard of delivery.