Marsden M-300 Review


A favourite amongst health visitors and midwives, the Marsden M-300 is a lightweight and portable baby scale that boasts an impressive battery life and accuracy. In this article, we look at the specifications and features of this popular and affordable model from the reputable British brand, Marsden.

Key features and specifications

  • Class III approved
  • Battery or mains operated
  • 15kg capacity
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Hold and tare buttons
  • Lightweight (weighs 3.1kg)

A major part of the job of a health visitor is to visit parents with newborns in their homes. So, a portable and accurate set of baby scales makes the job much easier. The Marsden M-300 is a one-piece unit and is ready to go at the press of a button. Because it weighs just 3.1kg, it won’t get cumbersome to load in and out of the car when travelling around, doing home visits. Marsden boasts that the M-300 has a 600-hour battery life from 2 AA batteries (they even go as far as claiming this equates to 18,000 weighs!). This ensures that health visitors and midwives can do plenty of visits without having to worry about recharging or plugging the scales in.



The Marsden M-300 scales are class III compliant, which is the standard for the medical profession, especially for those professionals that prescribe medication based on weight. The M-300 scales are accurate to just 2g, which means that even the slightest fluctuations in weight over time are monitored and recorded. On the subject of fluctuations, if the baby is moving while being weighed, the operator can press the ‘hold’ button to stabilise the weight reading on the large and easy to read display.

Optional extras for the Marsden M-300 include a carry case, a rucksack, AC adaptor and a trolley. This popular set of baby scales is easy to use, functional, built to last and comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. We are very pleased to have these in stock, so contact us today to buy yours. If you need to have your medical scales serviced or calibrated, this is also something that we can help with, just get in touch.

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Marsden M300 baby scales features


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