Pit Mount VS Surface Mount Weighbridges

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Whilst weighbridge technology continues to advance and improve, the general form of weighbridges remains relatively unchanged. They are still long, robust platforms for weighing; big enough for lorries and other large vehicles to comfortably fit onto. There remains, to this day, just two different forms of weighbridges. However, choosing between them can still be quite difficult. Should you go for a pit mounted weighbridge or a surface mounted weighbridge?

What is the difference?

The difference between each weighbridge is relatively simple. A pit mounted weighbridge is exactly that, a weighbridge that sits in a pit. All of the mechanisms, wiring, and load cells reside underground, allowing the weighing surface to be completely level with the ground.

A surface mounted weighbridge simply sits on top of the ground. It requires ramps for vehicles to drive on top of the weighbridge and drive off and is arguably the more common kind of weighbridge.

Which is better?

Which is better depends entirely on the circumstances of your business. A pit mounted weighbridge comes with a number of benefits. There is a seamless transition between weighing and non-weighing road, removing any difficulties for vehicles to “get onto” the weighing platform. Whilst a weighbridge will generally cause a bottleneck in operations, a pit mounted weighbridge provides slightly more flexibility in a vehicle’s ability to turn, overtake etc. – allowing operational flexibility. Finally, a pit mounted weighbridge takes up less space, as there doesn’t need to be maintenance access around the outside of it or space taken up by ramps.

However, a pit mounted weighbridge generally requires rigorous and vigilant maintenance to ensure its smooth operation. With incorrect care, the pit can easily fill with water, parts can malfunction and rust can begin to set in. Pit mounted weighbridges are naturally more expensive than surface mount weighbridges, due to the additional labour of the pit groundwork and maintenance.

Surface mounted weighbridges are a much more flexible option. They simply sit on the surface and can be placed wherever they are needed (and moved afterwards). Whilst a surface mount weighbridge generally requires more room to accommodate maintenance access around the outside and loading/unloading ramps, they are a more affordable option for most businesses due to not needing any groundwork.

Surface mount weighbridges are generally, a better option for businesses due to simpler maintenance and flexibility.

The weighbridges we supply at Solent Scales can be pit or surface mounted, but surface mount are specifically designed to be low profile and as flexible as possible. This type of weighbridge deck is modular, allowing you to expand your weighing needs simply by extending the size of the deck at a later date, without the need of buying a whole new weighbridge.

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