The Importance of Theatre Scales


When it comes to medical matters there is no room for complacency. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are the corner stones of any healthcare system, no matter the patient or ailment.

This is why theatre scales, or swab scales as they are commonly known, are so important.

This equipment plays a crucial role in our very wellbeing. So much so they are fixtures of not only hospitals but laboratories and mortuaries also.

Find out exactly how they're put to use below...


Both swab and organ weighing depend on this particular type of scale.

The measurement of swab weights can determine a course of action during that most crucial of times…surgery.

Doctors may analyse or compare samples from anyone destined to go under the knife. Biological characteristics likely to lead to longer-term problems can also be identified at this stage.

In much the same vain, organ weighing can be used for preparatory purposes or analytical ones in the case of those working out of a mortuary.

As depicted in many TV dramas, theatre scales are utilised to weigh medical instruments ahead of and during operations themselves.

Another, more surprising application, is the weighing of nappies. Measuring urine is a regular occurrence for any infants who are either in intensive care or have completed a period of nursing. Theatre scales have long helped in this process and influenced next steps as children are nursed back to health.

Accuracy and Use

As you’d expect, theatre scales are of the highest quality.

That is best demonstrated in their sheer accuracy, for which they are renowned. Indeed, theatre scales are known to home in on the nearest 1g, precision invaluable to doctors and practitioners.

In spite of such stunning performance levels, they remain incredibly easy to use, with the likes of large LED displays and Tare options simplifying what can by its very nature prove a challenging process.

The overall design helps in this respect too. Theatre scales are both compact and lightweight and therefore geared towards daily use. Battery operated, nearly all hold a lengthy charge of at least 45 hours and most come complete with a choice of either a flat plate or scoop depending on the subject.



Just as importantly, they repel any hint of contamination. This is confirmed by accompanying IP ratings which measure a devices effectiveness at protecting electrical components sealed within it. The more protected the inner workings of a scale are, the more reliable its readings.

IP ratings come in the form of two numbers. The first of these indicates how well it stands up to dust, the second how effective it is at combatting liquids.

Most theatre scales, certainly those listed on our own website, score highly in both departments.

That is a view reinforced by the fact said products are all splash and waterproof. This of course limits the risk of swab counting errors also.

Given the environments in which they’re deployed keeping theatre scales clean is of the utmost importance. The fact most, including the Marsden B-400, are made from stainless steel certainly helps in this respect. It’s easy to wipe down and disinfect this machinery as you seek to halt the spread of disease or illness.  This has never been more prevalent than in the midst of a global pandemic.

Class III

Appliance class is another key barometer of excellence. Theatre scales, by law, have to be registered as Class III or better, as do any scales involved in buying, prescribing or selling by weight.

This marker serves as its own quality check and confirms the equipment has been tested, sealed and verified to the highest standard.

In short, theatre scales are dependable.


Why Buy from Solent Scales

Solent Scales stock some of the very best theatre scales on the market, including those manufactured by Digi and Marsden respectively.

We have been supplying hospitals and doctors surgeries with such equipment for the best part of two decades and offer a one year guarantee with any sale. Better still, all products are fully serviceable.

Theatre scales are, perhaps, the most important of all weighing scales. In situations where hygiene and accuracy are paramount, they are never found wanting.

You can view our full range of theatre, swab and mortuary scales here.


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