Ohaus Navigator

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Multi Purpose Portable Balances Suitable for Everyday Weighing

  • Capacities: 120g - 22,000g
  • Overload Protection System
  • Up to 270 Hour battery life
  • 1 Second Stabilisation time

The only scale in its class with touchless sensors that free up your hands! Ohaus raises the bar in value-oriented scales...again! The Navigator series offers a unique combination of features, including touchless sensors, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.

Standard Features include:

  • Touchless Sensors - Navigator is designed with two touch-less sensors that will free up your hands so you can focus on handling samples. The touch-free control of the zero, print, function or tare operations helps to avoid transferring sample residue to the keypad. In addition the two sensors can be set up independently to control up to 36 combinations of operations.
  • One second stabilisation time - Navigator is designed to accurately stabilise in less than one second to provide fast and accurate weighing results, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput.
  • Superior Overload Protection - Navigator is designed with a superior mechanical overload protection system that allows the scale to withstand up to 400% of it's rated capacity. This prevents damage to the scale and helps it withstand undue shock or overloading. In addition, an integrated shipping lock further protects the load cell from damage during transportation or storage.
  • LCD Display - Navigator is designed with LCD display to provide the best visibility in any lighting condition. Whether you use the Navigator indoor or outdoor, the display is also designed with large numeric segments and unit indicators to make the weighing results easy to read.

Please download the spec sheet to look at all the models available as there are many variations.

  • Capacities: 120g - 22,000g
  • 3100g verified version
  • Approximately 80 Hours with disposable batteries
  • Weighing pan size NV: Ø120mm / 190mm x 138mm
  • Weighing pan size XL: 203mm x 194mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Batteries XL: 4 x LR14
  • Batteries NV: 4 x AA

Please download the spec sheet for many more features.

  • Multiple application modes: Percentage weighing, checkweighing, parts counting & many more.
  • Easy to install communication: Optional USB, RS232 or ethernet interfaces.
  • Touch-free infared sensors: Two touchless sensors that can be set up independently to operate up to 36 combinations of operations without touching the keys.
  • Transportation Lock: Prevents undue pressure on the load cell.

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