Ohaus Ranger 7000

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Extremely durable scale designed to thrive in rugged industrial environments

  • Capacities 3kg to 60kg
  • Weighing, Parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing & many more
  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Trade approved (-M) Models
  • -GB & -EU Models for different working temperatures
  • MHD models include Internal Calibration

Simplifying Even the Most Complex Industrial Applications. For Ranger 7000, there is one resounding theme: it offers the best of every ingenious feature that make Ohaus products the right tools for your toughest weighing jobs. Ranger 7000 boasts the highest resolution, largest display, most application modes and connectivity options, as well as the largest memory library of any industrial bench scale in the Ohaus portfolio.

Sturdy Industrial and Modular Design Support Flexible and Heavy-Duty Use - Ranger 7000 was developed to thrive in rugged and harsh industrial environments. This modular scale was built with IP54 cast metal housing and sealed metal indicator to ensure durability.

Fast Performance and Legal for Trade Certifications Assure Accurate Results - With one second stabilisation time, up to 75,000d or 350,000d display resolution and legal for trade certifications, Ranger 7000 provides the precision that cannot be matched by any scale in it's class.

  • Maximum capacities from 3kg to 60kg
  • Application Modes: Weighing, Parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing, dynamic weighing, filling, formulation, differential weighing & density weighing
  • Die Cast housing, Stainless Steel platform
  • AC Power
  • USB and RS232
  • -EU & -GB models for different temperatures
  • New application "filling with counting"
  • Display with background colour change (Red, Yellow & Green) for checkweighing mode
  • New user management and Calibration Result Report
  • Zebra label printer support

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