Weighing Up Your Options - Knowing Which Weighbridge Is Right For You

Weighbridges are large, highly durable, and highly accurate pieces of equipment used to obtain precise weight measurements of industrial and consumer vehicles.

Before purchasing or hiring a weighbridge, it’s important to make sure you understand the ins and outs of this equipment as well as familiarise yourself with the different options available.

We’ve created this short guide to help you make the right decision and get the weighbridge which is right for you.

There are two main types of weighbridge on offer: pit mounted and surface mounted. Depending on your circumstances and the environment in which you intend to place the weighbridge, you may favour one or the other.


Pit Mounted


As the name suggests, pit mounted weighbridges are placed inside a dedicated pit which is level with the surrounding surfaces.

Whilst this option may be more expensive initially, it can also be extremely beneficial for companies looking for a longer term solution.

This is because the weighbridge will not obstruct any vehicles or people and will free travel across the surface at all times.

This removes the need to relocate weighbridges in order to accommodate changes in your business, saving you time and (potentially) money.

As they are located inside a pit, these weighbridges do not require safety rails or ramps to be installed. This not only means there is less to consider once the weighbridge has been installed, it also makes the platform safer and easier to use.


Surface Mounted

On the other hand, a surface mounted weighbridge does not require a pit for installation.

Instead, the bridge is simply placed on top of the ground, with vehicles entering and leaving via ramps on opposing sides of the platform.

Surface mounted weighbridges are usually chosen by companies who are not willing or are unable to construct a pit as well as those who only require the equipment temporarily.

These weighbridges are more cost effective than their pit mounted counterparts and also require the least amount of on-site preparation,

However, they have a much larger footprint and their elevated positioning can make it difficult for vehicles to manoeuvre around the platform, especially in smaller areas.


Modular Weighbridge

We originally stated there were only two types of weighbridges but, in reality, modular weighbridges cover somewhat of a third option.

Modular weighbridges are comprised of two or more individual modules which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. This allows you to weigh larger vehicles by combining multiple sections together.

The modularity of the bridge allows a business to expand into larger and longer vehicles as the business grows. 


So, Which Weighbridge Is Best For You?

For smaller companies with the need for infrequent vehicle weighing or a temporary weighbridge solution (anywhere between six months and two years) it may be best to choose a surface mounted model due to the ease of installation and the associated lower costs.

Conversely, pit mounted weighbridges are often the best choice for larger organisations where vehicle weighing is a more fundamental part of the working day. The pit-mounted design can make the weighbridge easier to use and easier to work around which can maximise the convenience and speed of service you can provide to your customers.

In addition, modular weighbridges can be advantageous for any growing company, as the modular weighbridge design can be extended to accomodate larger vehicles as the company grows.


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